Czech crystal and national colours. The underpasses are designed as a representative space that refers to the qualities of Czech craftsmen and the national symbol – the state flag.

The proposed modification of the main railway station‘s underpasses is designed so that the underpasses become a welcome gate for passengers from abroad and the Czech Republic. For travellers from abroad, the area of ​​the main station becomes the first thing they come into contact with upon arrival in the country.

The colour differentiation of the individual passages will help orientation, especially for regular users of the station. When entering the subway from the platform area, they can better estimate where they are in the building. The colour of the subways can be projected in another way into the station‘s orientation system.

Differentiation of the individual subways is achieved by coloured lighting of the glass in the shades of the national flag:

Blue –  a cool, traditional railway shade

White – neutral, festive and versatile

Red – warm, following the colours in the main hall

The panels are adorned on the reverse side with a pattern reminiscent of the tradition of Czech crystal. The abstract pattern of intersecting lines conveys the dynamism of the railway and its directions from the capital city to all parts of the country and Europe. Simultaneously, it represents a typical form of glasswork through grinding, as seen in the trophy of the Tour de France.