A family is a pack grouped around a nucleus. The kindergarten consists of a cluster of classes that resemble a family. Orthogonal reason combined with chaotic feeling.

The conceptual study of the kindergarten builds upon the earlier OVA proposal, guided by fundamental principles shaping both spatial organization and design:
  • A single-story building positioned in the northern section of the property
  • A shared entrance hall, fostering a sense of togetherness
  • A practical arrangement of changing rooms surrounding the central hall
  • Flexibility in connecting and moving between individual classrooms and groups
  • A playground located on the southern side of the garden
  • A street-facing entrance vestibule

We’ve transformed the curved outer shell into a rectilinear form. Each unit comprises two sections, creating a more intimate spatial scale, and distinguishing areas for rest and play. The classrooms feature petite windows designed for children, larger windows offering garden vistas, and window ventilation modules, each fitted with safety wooden battens.

Within the classrooms, you’ll find mobile lockers arranged in clusters, forming cosy corners where children can hide, build structures, and engage in imaginative play. When additional free space is required, the lockers can be easily moved against the walls. A connecting ring adjacent to the central hall provides the flexibility to merge two rooms into a single space when needed. Both the gym and the ring have independent external access, making them available for public rental.

The classrooms embrace eastern and southern orientations, allowing the morning sunlight to fill the spaces. To prevent overheating during the summer, the large windows will be equipped with external blinds. In the garden, a hill crafted from excavated clay features slides and a circular pathway. A gazebo, complete with benches, graces the center of the path. At the garden entrance from the kindergarten building, exterior-accessible toilets are thoughtfully designed. Adjacent to the gazebo, there’s a sandpit for the little ones, complemented by various climbing frames, swings, and other child-friendly attractions.