Contemporary and sustainable mountain architecture offering more than just accommodation. The apartment houses were built on the site of the original store from the 1980s. Four houses are located on the „meadow“ - a green roof above the commercial parterre of the building.

The space between the individual houses offers a cozy neighborhood atmosphere with views of distant horizons of mountain meadows.

The mountain town and ski resort Pec pod Sněžkou was created by the development of the valley, which gradually expanded to the surrounding slopes. A mountain road rising along streams and vistas between the houses on the distant horizons was the inspiration for our design. The Sněžka store – a long mass, in an exposed location in the center of the village, created a barrier and obstructed views into the surroundings. There was an unused and unmaintained space around the building. The store building was removed and in its place, a new commercial parterre and four buildings with a total of 90 apartment-type apartments were created.

The roof meadow is a semi-private space between the houses, intended for various activities and events. There is an outdoor grill with seating and a children‘s playground, and the spaces in front of the apartments are used as terraces of individual apartments.

The common parterre contains services for the guests – an adult game room with a 3D golf simulator, a teenage game room, a children‘s game room, a wine bar with a chilled wine cellar with private wine boxes for the owners, a lobby with a fireplace reception and a restaurant.

Commercial areas include a supermarket with a pharmacy, sporting goods stores, ski, and bike service. The aparthotel is used for the recreation of the owners, but at the same time offers their apartment units for rent during periods when the owner is not using the apartment. The rental system has a reception service, cleaning, and all services for accommodated guests. For the owner, the purchase of an apartment thus becomes an investment with a guaranteed return.